“Μηλίτσα” or “Militsa”, literally translates as “The apple-bearing Lady” in Greek. Maybe you have probably figured that out, from the characteristic label of our premium cider. Its very distinctive, folk name embodies the zest with which it’s made and the homeliness, the nostalgia its taste evokes.

Dark, naturally wavy hair, braided into one long, thick braid… Round-shaped eyes that captivate you and win you over with just one, intense look… This is “Militsa”! Our “Militsa, the central character on the bottle’s label, was inspired by the folk culture of Cyprus; surrounded by the characteristic and remarkable elements of Cypriot mythology, landscape, and local produce.

The idea behind the “Militsa” label perfectly reflects Nigel and Natasa’s vision to put forward a cider that elevates and expands our appreciation of a cider’s taste profile, and introduces the contemporized folk culture of Cyprus, to the world. The “Militsa” character was brought to life by the talented Janet Neilson
(Instagram account: @ramshackleprints).

‘I have been reflecting on the creation of the Militsa label. I was delighted to be a part of the Militsa Cider story. The image was created and given in the spirit of friendship, mutual respect, and a strong connection with Cyprus. It needed to incorporate elements of the Cypriot landscape, Cypriot mythology, and of course the local produce. It also reflects some of my own artistic interpretations from my travels in Cyprus with my husband Harry’.
Janet Neilson